MBA in Biotechnology?

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List of Universities offering MBA in Biotechnology .?
i have finished my in bioinformatics . I am planning to do MBAin Biotechnology. After finishing MBA in Biotech is there a lot of job oppur in Australia ?? Whats best to do for higherstudies related to my engineering course bioinformatics ?? Is it better to just take up a normal MBA and specailize in ( HR, IT , finace and marketing , internatinal business management etc ) which is best to specailize in MBA that is best for BIOINFORMATICS FIRMS ?? please help me and advice me what to choose for my higherstudies

There is no such thing as MBA in biotechnology. MBA by definition is a degree in business administration. You can specialize, but specialization in an MBA program (if it is offered at all) is a specialization in a business function (accounting, finance, marketing, operations), not in an industry.

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