Pitching real estate investments

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

I am pitching a real estate opportunity to investors. what is the packet called that i present to them.?
Where can I go to get a template for presentation material?

You will need to have two packets. One, for marketing purposes only, will include the draft Offering Memorandum (some people like to call it a Discussion Memorandum to emphasize that it does not constitute an offering). The second one, to be given to investors that agree to invest, will include a final Offering Memorandum and the legal documents, usually Articles of Association and Operating Agreement for the newly formed LP or LLC.

Templates… Well, every firm has its own; usually, with language that limits the use of the document. Those are pretty hard to come by unless you are in the business and have received a few as a potential investor.

The legal stuff (Articles of Association and Operating Agreement) will have to be prepared by an attorney specializing in this kind of work.

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