Does technology erode human values?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Does technological advancement result in erosion of human values and their real worth on this planet?

It is noted that each technological improvement result in an increased level of general employment in most of the countries except few centres of concentration of latest generation of technical hands. Just very few places and very few employed people would need to work to meet the needs of the entire world population in the new technology likelyn to evolve. Most of the people may be rendered useless and jconsidered just a liability. Man would no longer need man for his survival. Could it result in a dinasaur like end of man leaving behind few robots drawing their life from atomic and solar batteries?

If you think the value of human life has eroded, you clearly have not seen any statistics on awards in wrongful death cases.

Additionally, man needs man for survival today as badly as never before. The population is aging, so there are more and more people who require long-term care. And technology is not likely to help here, since there is no technology that can automate bathing, dressing, and clipping toenails.

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