Standard of living: Austria vs. UK

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

How is the standard of living in Austria compared to United Kingdom?

I mean , i just wanna know the standard of living in Austria, and it can be relevant to the overall economic situation in Austria, such as purchasing power and houshold earnings, how is the economic situation in Austria in comparison with United kingdom?

and also immigrant job posiblities?

Standard of living is a broader concept than just purchasing power and household earnings, it includes things like life expectancy, air quality, and crime rates. To make an informed comparison, get a recent copy of “OECD in Figures” or check out The World Development Indicators:

As to immigrant job possibilities, keep two things in mind. First, generally speaking, unemployment is always worse on the Continent than it is in Britain; most, if not all, European countries have more arcane labor regulations than Britain does, so companies on the Continent don’t hire unless absolutely necessary. Second, a lot depends on where you are immigrating from. For example, Britain is the only country in the “old” (pre-expansion) EU that allows labor migration from Poland; all other members (including Austria) do not. Immigration benefits (such as right to work) that are available in Britain to persons of British descent or citizens of Commonwealth countries do not extend into other EU countries, either…

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