Tariffs and small business

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Why aren’t tariffs used to protect small businesses?

Big Business has been using tariffs from even before the Civil War to protect themselves from global competition. They probably don’t work today b/c of globalization but why hasn’t anyone thought of using tariffs to protect the little guy? The apple from your neighborhood farm is probably more expensive than the one from Chile. Only the big companies can afford to import stuff and produce stuff in bulk. Local fruits/veggies are better because they’re fresher and they take less greenhouse gas(carbon dioxide) to move around than imports.

Because small businesses have no political clout, perhaps?

Also, the most important threat to small business is not globalization, but chains and franchises. So some governments do have policies that protect small business. In Germany, for example, chain pharmacies are illegal; it is also illegal to sell many cosmetic products and dietary supplements in general stores, so they must be sold only through pharmacies.

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