JSP, PHP, and ASP.Net

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What’s the main difference’s between jsp and php and asp.net?

all the info I can get on these tech. would be appreicated I have a strong knowledge of asp.net but I think it be in my best interest to learn an alternative

If you want the skinny, PHP is the easiest to develop in and the cheapest to host. Runs on almost any operating system imaginable. Works with all mainstream and many exotic HTTP servers. Integrates natively with almost any database engine, whether open-source (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) or commercial (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle) and supports ODBC. Allows both procedural and object-oriented programming.

ASP.Net requires Windows and IIS to run. Can be integrated with many database engines, but typically works best with Microsoft SQL Server. Will probably give you the best performance if you need to run the Web site and the database server on the same physical machine. Code can be written in VB.Net, C++, or C#; additional languages (including Perl, PHP, and Python) can be integrated using third-party plug-ins. Native languages (VB.Net, C++, and C#) are object-oriented.

JSP… Well, this one is complicated. A lot depends on which JSP engine (may also be called “servlet container” or “application server”) you use. Typically, works well with Oracle; accesses databases through JDBC. Requires object-oriented programming.

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