Businesses killed by the Internet?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What Businesses have been “killed” by the Internet?

Think about it – once the internet got going, some businesses were totally taken from behind… either they no longer exist “out on the street”, or are so beaten that there are few that flourish.

My example: Travel Agencies.

The local ones you would go to for making your vacation plans, etc. Now it’s almost ALL internet based…. Any others? Why?

Video rental stores are finding it hard to compete with Netflix (Wherehouse stopped renting DVDs in the summer; now they only have DVDs for sale). Record stores are in a double squeeze between and iTunes (although department stores did eat market share away from them, too); Tower Records announced closure a couple of weeks ago.

As to the post office (suggested by some people as a candidate for obsolescence), its future is bright, because they are the enablers of e-commerce. Who, for example, delivers Netflix? The post office. As e-commerce grows, so will the postal business…

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