Crime and DNA

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Is it in a persons Dna which makes him a criminal?

I would like to call into attention that although there is a debate over Nature over Nurture. Two very important facts. That the african americans brought to America during the colonial ages were sold by their own people for being criminals, (some exceptions). Africa: Torn apart by civilwar, most countries under european influence or ocupation, and always changing. Is very poor and ravaged by voilence and rape. Which of course is never on TV. Europe: Where the whites come from, plagued in the old days when whites came to America by theivery, insubordination, and voilence when allowed to get away with it. Hell thats how we became Amerika in the first place and not Britian.

Africans brought to America were indeed bought from other Africans, but they were not by and large enslaved for being crimials; they were enslaved because they belonged to tribes that were defeated in wars.

Back to your original question, there is no way to distinguish nature from nurture when it comes to origins of crime. For example, criminals are disproportionately likely to have been born to single, very young mothers with low educational attainment and, consequently, very low income. Now, is mother’s income and education “nature” or “nurture”?

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