L-1B visa interview

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What are the possible questions that can be asked during an L1B visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila?

Before an L-1B visa can be issued, the consulate must have evidence that:

  1. Sufficient premises to house the new office have been secured (translation: you actually have an office to work in or or a factory to run in the U.S.);
  2. The business entity in the U.S is or will be a qualifying organization (translation: while in the U.S., you will be working for the same company you work for now, or for its parent, subsidiary, or affiliate); and
  3. The petitioner has the financial ability to compensate the alien beneficiary and to begin doing business in the U.S. (translation: the company has enough money to pay your salary and related expenses, such as office rent, while you are in the U.S.; there are no well-defined requirements as to how much you should be paid, but the regulations do say that your compensation must be sufficient to prevent you from “becoming a public charge”).

So the purpose of your interview will be to ascertain all of the above and make sure that your story matches the story that your employer presented in its petition and supporting documents. So questions could be like:

How long have you worked for the employer who is applying for your L-1B? In what capacity? How much are you paid currently? How big is your employer (revenues, profits, number of employees)? How many employees, if any, do they have in the U.S. now? Which company will you be working for in the U.S.? Where is it located? What kind of work will you be doing for your employer in the U.S.? How much will you be paid for that work?

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