Genes vs. experiences

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What actually make us a human are we a product of gen or experince?

Oxana Malaya is brought up by a dog since she was 3 years old and she behave like a dog . Luckly a concern neihbor reported this to the authority………

Both. There is a substantial body of research (including studies of children reared by animals) that suggests that human character traits are by and large shaped by experience of first three years of the person’s life. But once we exclude the extremes (such as children reared by animals), the picture becomes a little more complicated. Research on adopted children, for example, shows that adopted children’s academic success in high school is correlated with academic achievement of their natural parents, rather than their adopted parents. When these same children go to college, however, the pattern reverses; academic achievement of adopted parents, rather than that of natural parents, becomes a predictor of adopted children’s academic performance.

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