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A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What kind of fax machine do I need to have for my vehicle? and where do I find it?

I’m looking for a fax machine for my vehicle… I need to be able to send and recieve faxes from it. how do I find the info I need to get what I need?

There are two “pure-fax” options, a cellular fax machine and a satellite fax machine. There is also a way to do it without a fax machine at all.

About the only cellular fax machine I know about is made in Sweden by a company called Possio:…

It needs to be connected to a cell phone in order to work and is pretty choosy about which phones it connects to (alternatively, you buy a connectivity card that acts as its own cell phone). Additionally, it does not seem to be available in North America directly, but you still can contact the company and ask if they have a North American reseller.

Satellite fax communications are available through Inmarsat resellers:…

There is also an option that allows you to circumvent faxing altogether. Get an account with j2:

and start sending and receiving your faxes via e-mail or Web browser. The only thing left to make the solution mobile is to get wireless Internet access or connect your computer to a compatible cell phone that can act as a wireless modem.

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