The future of PHP programming?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What’s the future of PHP Programmer ?

wheather it is secure domain ? It is safe to stick with this to secure career?

PHP, with its simplicity and possibility of avoiding object-oriented programming, is ideally suited for software development by a domain expert, rather than a programmer, which is what the future is going to be all about. Programming is quickly becoming a skill, rather than an occupation, very much like driving or typing; a lot of people do it, but for most, it is either not a job at all or just a part of a job. And this, I believe, is the answer to your question: if you want a secure career, forget programming. Professional programmers are by and large going the way of professional typists, into oblivion. There will always be a few niches for professional programmers (someone will have to develop operating systems, development tools, hardware drivers, embedded software, etc.), but the bulk of application programming, especially on the Web, will eventually be taken over by domain experts…

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