Engineering human beings?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Human Engineering?

As the future grows humans become more and more artificial and by which teh book Halo explains detailed, Will the government be allowed to secretly grow and test humans that they clone? I am curious about this.

Ultimately, it will depend on the legislative and public oversight. But, more importantly, why would the government want to clone HUMANS? Humans are weak, plus, they have all those pesky instincts, like self-preservation and procreation… Evil government experiments must go beyond simple cloning… Imagine, for example, a human equivalent of a worker bee or a soldier ant; intelligent, but uninterested in entertainment, obedient to masters, but ferocious to perceived threats to its “hive” (whatever that may be), completely asexual (perhaps even void of reproductive organs), but capable of taking care of the young in the “hive”, free from dependencies and addictions by design, etc. Imagine every family being given a couple of those for free, with the government retaining the right to draft them into service in the event of war… Scary stuff, eh?

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