Is ASP generally faster than PHP?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Is ASP generally faster than PHP?

No. PHP is generally faster. A few years back, Philippe Pettit ran a series of benchmark tests and found that on identical hardware (Compaq Proliant 1850 R, PII 400 Mhz, 500MB RAM, 1 x 4 GB + 2 x 9 GB hard drives) with up to 150 simultaneous connections, PHP running as an Apache module handles about 620 requests per second, while ASP, only about 320.

Two things must be remembered, however. First of all, this information is old; Philippe Pettit ran these benchmarks several years ago on PHP 4.0.4 and IIS 5. Second, this test was conducted on pages that did not use any database connectivity; when databases are introduced, a lot will depend on fine-tuning the database software and the logical architecture (i.e., whether the database server runs on the same physical machine with the HTTP server)…

Generally speaking, both PHP and ASP can be used to build a high-performance application, provided that the developer has adequate support from a network engineer and a database architect.


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