Unemployment among skilled workers?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

I Think The Intentions Are To Outsource As Much As Possible?

Mostly everyone I know, including myself cannot obtain employment. Without doubt it seems apparent that the more expertise you have, the more unemployable you become, owing to the salary you would request.
Other than this, they will send you on an endless round of job placements (no pay), work experience programs (no pay), and lastly if you do manage to find a door open, you find that you than encounter servile wages…What is really going on I wonder?

What is really going on has nothing to do with outsourcing whatsoever. The real culprits are technology and demographics.

On the one hand, the more expertise you have, the greater the temptation to replace you with a combination of a recently hired college graduate and a well-designed computer program. Take a look at the financial sector, for example; where experienced loan officers, underwriters, and actuaries used to reign supreme, now there are 22-year-olds punching numbers into models supplied by Moody’s and Fair Isaac. In technology, it’s even worse; if a certain technology has been around for five years, a 25-year-old has as much chance to have mastered it as a 45-year-old…

On the other hand, the population is aging. Buying patterns change accordingly, away from houses, cars, and gadgets, toward long-term care. As a result, there is an explosion in low-paying healthcare jobs. In California, Home Health Aides, Personal and Home Health Care Aides, and Social and Human Service Assistants are designated as high-growth occupations…

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