A question from Yahoo! Answers:

CPA,CFA,CFP,ACCA accreditions are useful for what type of jobs? Do we really need them to win in the rat race?

E.g. CFP is for people interested in wealth management related advisory work

CPA is useful if you want to be an accountant or auditor in the U.S.

ACCA awards many different professional designations to accountants and bookkeepers in the UK.

CFA is useful if you want to be an investment manager, but it will not be awarded to you unless you have at least four years of relevant work experience.

CFP is a good certification if you work mainly with individuals and you sell both investments and insurance. Many CFP designees operate as commissioned salespeople for insurance and mutual fund companies, others prefer to charge the client directly; some manage to do both.

Either CFA or CFP will automatically qualify you as an investment adviser representative, so you won’t have to take Series 65/66; CFP, depending on the state you operate in, may also allow you to automatically qualify for an insurance license without having to take exams…

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