The French Revolution vs. the American Revolution

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Why did the French Revoloution turn against itself when the American Revolution didnt?

Could it be argued that the American Revolution did turn against its democratic roots? How did the Amercian Revolution influence revolutions in other countries/

Why did the French Revolution turn against itself when the American Revolution didn’t? Because the American revolution didn’t rob anyone of anything. French gentry fought against the French revolution because it abolished their valuable privileges and confiscated their lands. In America, nothing of the sort happened. Even the British crown had nothing to complain about, since it didn’t even lose any tax revenue (the crown collected no taxes in colonies; in fact, it was the attempt to do so that led to the loss of colonies).

How did the American Revolution influence revolutions in other countries? It didn’t. The American Revolution is a very rare occurrence; it was a revolution led by those who already had everything but the political power to capture nothing but the political power. Most other revolutions are led by those who have nothing but force to capture everything that can be gained by force, most notably, material possessions.

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