If Germany signed a separate peace with the USSR…

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Will Normandy’s landing still be a success if Germany made peace pact with USSR?

Highly unlikely. Whatever the Allies did during World War II was relatively minor compared to what’s been happening at the Russian front. During Battle of France (1940), Germany deployed 141 divisions (Italy supplied additional 32). Much of this force was subsequently dispatched to the Eastern front, where Germany alone deployed over 200 divisions. Between the height of Battle of France and the time the Allies landed in Normandy, the German military presence in France has been reduced from four million (which included 700,000 Italian troops) to 380,000.

This said, a peace pact with the USSR was even more unlikely. Germany and the USSR signed such a pact in 1939, and Germany broke it in less than two years. By the time the Allies landed in Normandy, the Red Army has recaptured all Soviet territory and made significant inroads into Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania. The Soviet leadership began to think that winning the war was only a matter of time, while Soviet population (including the armed forces) grew extremely angry as atrocities committed by SS in occupied Soviet territories became known…

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