Opportunities for Economics majors

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What opportunities are there for Economics graduates?

I am finishing a Bachelors in Economics, and will probably do masters too in Economics. The problem is that I is that I cannot find any information on on opportunities in Economics.

I don`t want to work in the public sector, so my question is;

1) Will I be able to find a well paying job.
2) Will this education give me a good quality of life.
3) What are the earnings out there?
4) How do earnings compare to other sectors?

I plan to take Mathematical Economics/Econometrics/Macro and Micro Economics as my core subjects throughout, and also some electives.

Can anyone give me an idea, as I have e-mail recruitment agencies, and done research on the internet, and I still can`t find any decent answers!!! Anyone that has hands on experience working in the industry??

You seem to be under an illusion that your undergrad major matters; it doesn’t, unless it’s engineering, pre-med, or pre-law. Whatever job you end up landing, you will quickly discover that other people in your occupation have degrees in all kinds of things, from Business to English.

“Opportunities in Economics” (teaching, research, consulting, industry work) exist largely for PhDs. You may be able to find a teaching job that does not require a PhD (most likely, in a community college or a business school), but those usually come with business experience requirements. Many industry jobs don’t have a PhD requirement, but they tend to be heavy on modeling, programming, and/or SAS.

Look at who’s being recruited now:


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