Are greenies godless and Marxist?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Are greenies godless and Marxist?

I heard an interview tonight that made this claim what do you think ?

It’s no more true than the claim that all Christians are stupid bigots. People are different, and there is a considerable variety of views within the green movement, just as there is a considerable variety of views within Christianity.

More importantly, however, you seem to be under an impression that “Marxist” is a bad word. It’s not. Marxism is what you have to believe if you assume that productivity growth has limits. If it does, improvement in production can only take you so far; a well-functioning society must be concerned about distribution of income, unless it wants to forever cede political power to the wealthy. Marx thought that the limits of productivity growth will be achieved during the 19th century as all possible technology will have been developed. Alas, that didn’t happen; the human race continues to innovate. Today’s green activists have a more compelling case; the limits of productivity growth, they say, may be achieved as more and more resources are diverted to rectifying environmental consequences of economic growth (pollution and related disease, global warming, etc.) Personally, I think that case is in many respects overstated, but I still would not dismiss it out of hand.

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