Is globalization robbing India of its identity?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Do u think globalisation is robbing india from its own identity?

To answer your question, look at the place where globalization has reached its extreme, Europe. Did globalization rob, say, Belgium, of its identity (or, rather, its two identities, one Flemish, the other Walloon)? Clearly not.

A more important question is, is there really such a thing as India’s identity, or does it only exist in the imagination of the Hindu elite? When India was a British colony, it included territories that today are Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh; clearly, when India achieved independence, some people wanted nothing to do with India’s identity and would rather have their own. Who is to say whether politically unified India is feasible? After all, the Soviet Union looked strong for decades, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, for centuries, but both eventually fell apart; could something similar happen in India?

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