Why run PHP on Windows?

A question from comp.lang.php:

Does it make any sense to use php on a windows server?

Of course it does. 🙂

I mean it might be better than asp/.net (which I don’t know about). But why *would* a person code in php on a windows machine, when they could do it on a linux box,

Because the person in question may also need to code in a .Net language or Delphi. Or because they need to make their PHP application work with something that is only available through the use of COM objects (which could be anything from Crystal Reports to QuickBooks).

I’m not trying to insult or start a war, I’m just curious. Why run php on a windows server *rather* than linux? I’m perfectly willing to believe there is a good reason. I just can’t imagine what it is.

Integration with third-party products not available for Linux.

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