Choosing a Wi-Fi card

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

What wifi LAN card is compatible with my ASUS A9Rp notebook pc?

I have an ASUS A9rp-5A096 notebook pc and much to my surprise, it doesn’t have a built-in wifi! What wifi LAN card should i buy for my notevook pc???

You are asking the wrong question. It is not compatibility with your hardware you should worry about. You need to check for compatibility with your OPERATING SYSTEM and your WIRELESS ROUTER (or gateway, as the case may be). First, look for your operating system’s logo on the Wi-Fi card packaging. Then, see if the Wi-Fi card supports at least one communication protocol your router provides (so far, there are three — 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n — and every router supports at least one; information about protocol(s) supported is usually labeled onto the router’s back or bottom panel).

What should you buy? It’s up to you, really. There is a considerable variety of Wi-Fi devices out there; some are connected via a USB port, others, via a PCMCIA slot. Personally, I like PCMCIA cards better and prefer Netgear brand, but it’s just a personal preference… If you choose a USB device, make sure that your computer supports the minimum required version of the USB protocol (some older computers out there still have USB 1.x, which may not work all that well with a device requiring USB 2.0).

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