Windows Vista: upgrade or not?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

I want to upgrade to Vista, by my notebook doesn’t have a required Pixel Shader Version – What can I do?

It says I have no version, and I need version 2.0 – is there a software upgrade I can do to make it work/get it to 2.0? Maybe an emulator?

Your problems may be way bigger than just Pixel Shader version…

Generally speaking, operating system upgrade on a notebook should be considered dangerous. Notebooks contain a variety of custom components that are typically tested for compatibility ONLY with the operating system that will be pre-installed by the manufacturer. Some of those components can actually be damaged by newer operating systems. Granted, the chance of that happening is very small, but it is not zero, and you won’t know something went wrong until it’s too late…

Look back at XP’s early adoption; people had all kinds of problems back then, because they had hardware that was not XP-compatible…

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