Majoring in Economics and Japanese?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Is majoring in economics and Japanese, with a minor in Global and International Studies a good road?

You are laboring under a mistaken assumption that your undergraduate major somehow matters. It doesn’t, unless it is engineering, pre-med, or pre-law. What matters is the skills you acquire and people you meet along the way.

Take your Japanese major, for example. Whether or not you have a degree in Japanese is unimportant; what is important is that you speak, read, and write Japanese, have lived in Japan (and studied or worked under influential people there), and can order around flight attendants, train conductors, waiters and hotel employees in the traditional Japanese way. The latter will impress the Japanese well beyond any degree you may have…

Same goes for your Economics major. Unless you have special skills (SAS programming or advanced statistical analysis, for example), the employers (more specifically, their HR departments) will not know the difference between you and someone who majored in Business, Accounting, Finance, or even English literature. To repeat, it is your special skills, not your major, that will set you apart…

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