Am I supposed to laugh or cry?

A question from Yahoo! Answers:

Who were the Cheka?

a) The Cheka was the German army. Russia helped defeat the Cheka during WWII.
b) The Cheka was the name for the royal family of Russia. The Soviets murdered the Cheka during the Russian Revolution.
c) The Cheka was the police force under Stalin’s rule. Unlike Stalin, the Cheka was kind and forgiving of citizens.
d) The Cheka was the police force under Stalin’s rule. This force ruled by terror; those who opposed the Cheka were subjected to prison, concentration camps, or even death.

None of the above. Whoever writes these questions ought to be ashamed…

Cheka is the Russian acronym for “Emergency Commission” (the full name was “The Emergency Commission to Combat Counter-revolution and Sabotage”), a security police force formed in 1918, initially in St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia at the time, then across the country. The formation of Cheka was ordered by the Council of People’s Commissioners, which was Russia’s highest institution of the executive branch at the moment (and headed by Lenin, who, incidentally, disliked Stalin and perceived him as rude and incapable of dealing with party comrades in a respectful way). Feliks Dzierżyński, a Polish aristocrat turned revolutionary, was appointed the head of Cheka.

In 1922, at the end of the civil war, the Cheka was merged into the People’s Commission for Domestic Affairs (the Russian acronym: NKVD) and became known within it as the State Political Directorate (the Russian acronym: GPU). In 1923, it became the Joint State Political Directorate (the Russian acronym: OGPU), and after many reorganizations finally became the KGB, “the Committee for the Security of the State”, in 1954.

Stalin, conversely, was nowhere near the top spot when the Cheka was created; he was one of many (hundreds, if not thousands) “political commissioners” attached to various units of the armed forces, so he had no part in creating the Cheka, nor did the Cheka ever operate “under Stalin’s rule”.

A later addition

The original poster picked an answer that said simply “the answer is D” as the best answer, gave it a five-star rating and commented:

Thanks alot the other answers i dont uderstand

Where the heck is this person trying to study history? And why are they even trying?

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