One-lakh car unveiled

tatanano01.jpgFor the last few years, India’s Tata Motors has been working on a “one-lakh” car (e.g., a car to be sold for under 100,000 rupees, which at current exchange rates translates into approximately $2,500). Well, the car (duly christened Nano) is out…

Size-wise, the car is just a tad longer (310 cm vs. 305 cm) , slightly wider (150 cm vs. 140 cm), and quite a bit taller (160 cm vs. 135 cm) than the original Mini. The four-door body should be an instant hit in India with its high average vehicle occupancy (high clearance is another attraction for Indian buyers). A 624-cc 33-hp engine should be adequate for everyday driving.

The basic version is, well, basic: manual 4-speed transmission, manual windows, no air conditioning, and no airbags. The engine, meanwhile, is Euro-4 compliant, meaning that Tata may have a souped-up export version in works.

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