What is search engine optimization?

A question from FunAdvice:

What exactly is seo or search engine optimisation.Is it just link building or does it go to higher levels of website optimisation?

Search engine optimization is a process of making a site’s content easier for search engines to understand, index, and rate. A SEO effort would usually involve making sure that all pages have unique and descriptive <title> tags and relevant <meta> tags, that headings are tagged as such (i.e., using <h1><h6> tags rather than styled paragraphs), that all images have descriptive “alt” attributes, etc. Sometimes, large portions of content are rewritten entirely to include certain keywords and/or statistically improbable phrases.

There’s also a different kind of “SEO”, which can be undertaken separately or in conjunction with the above. Multiple ghost sites are set up to do nothing but to point to pages on the site being “optimized” in an attempt to bring up its page rating (pages to which other pages refer are rated higher).

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