The best distribution of Linux?

A question from Askville:

What is the BEST version of Linux ever made?

Is it Ubuntu? Xandros? Linspire? or other version that is USER friendly, and doesn’t require you to be a computer programmer geek to get it to even work right?

Installing and configuring a complicated operating system requires certain amount of geekiness no matter what. So the best version of Linux for a non-geek is the one that doesn’t have to be installed, or, said another way, the one that came preinstalled on the computer you bought. Pogo Linux, for example, will gladly sell you a workstation with any of the following pre-installed:

  • Fedora Core 7
  • Open SuSE
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

ASUSTek offers its Eee PC with a version of Linux they developed specifically for use on Eee.

Both HP and Dell have experimented with shipping computers with pre-installed Linux or Linux/Windows dual boot. Don’t know if they still do it though…

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Update (March 12, 2008): it appears that Eee PC ships with a heavily customized version of Xandros.  It is customized so heavily that Xandros refuses to support it:

Does Xandros Provide Support for the Eee PC?

No.  The Eee PC is an ASUS product and is solely supported by them, including Operating system issues.  The Operating System on the Eee PC is not a Xandros Product.  While Xandros may have aided in the development of the Eee PC OS, it is owned and supported by ASUS.

Source: Frequently Asked Questions for Xandros Desktop 4.

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