QuickBooks and the pains of growth

A question from Askville:

Why is quick books so slow?

I run my entire company with quick books and it seems that it is getting slower everyday. If one of my people are doing a report, none of the other computers work until the report is done. I am looking for a quick fix without bringing in the tech guy.

There may not be a quick fix…

QuickBooks is not a client-server program, so it is bound to become increasingly sluggish as the amount of data it stores increases.  Short of switching away from QuickBooks, there are two ways to deal with this problem (can be used separately or together):

  1. Beef up the computer that is hosting the QuickBooks file for multi-user access (at the very least, defragment the hard drive and upgrade memory; in the extreme, buy a brand-new lightning-fast computer that would do nothing but host QuickBooks).
  2. Archive your old data and then do a data clean-up (this is QuickBooks term for deleting transactions that occurred before a certain date).  Data clean-up will reduce the size of your QuickBooks file, but will make it more difficult to compare between the current period and the periods that have been cleaned out of the system.

If the first doesn’t help and the second is not an option, you need to start thinking about switching away from QuickBooks.  You may consider either a client-server system such as Microsoft Small Business Financials or a hosted solution such as NetSuite.

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