Outlook Express on a home network

A question from Askville:

Does anybody know how to link all the outlook express in a network?

We currently have 2 computers and a laptop in our network. We have a combo wired and wireless network if that makes any difference. Thanks for the help.

I am sorry to say this, but your question doesn’t make any sense.  Outlook Express is an e-mail client, and there is no such thing as “linking” e-mail clients.  Perhaps what you mean to say is “how do we synchronize our multiple clients, so that the same messages can be accessed from all computers?”  If that’s the case, you need more than just a bunch of clients.  Your mail should be stored on a server supporting IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).  With IMAP, you can synchronize (or “sync”, as people sometimes say) any number of clients against the server’s central message base.

Unfortunately, not all ISPs support IMAP; many choose to support an older protocol called POP (Post Office Protocol) instead.  But you can still use IMAP, say, by opening a free Google Mail account and forwarding your mail from other ISPs to it.  Read this Getting Started piece from Google Mail Help Center, and take a look at other IMAP-related topics while you’re at it.

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