WordPress 2.5: a minor disappointment

After running WordPress 2.5 for a week or so, I switched back to WordPress 2.3.3. Reasons? Here are a few…

  • WordPress 2.5 ate my plugins… Well, not all of them, of course, but one that was nicely integrated into the rich text editor since 2.1 or so was no longer available for use after the upgrade to 2.5.
  • I really, really didn’t like the new Write page. The old one had a bunch of useful controls (categories, slug, status, timestamp, author, etc.) on the right, next to the text editor. The new one still has them, but below the text editor (so you have to scroll to get to them), plus, it doesn’t allow the user to rearrange the controls, which you used to be able to do by simple drag-and-drop. So the author’s workspace is no longer customizable (or, said another way, it is messed up permanently), which I think is a major step back.
  • A related quip: the new rich text editor works differently from the old one. In the old one, the indent (unindent) button produced (removed) a <blockquote> tag. In the new one, the indent (unindent) button increases (decreases) the current block’s left margin. Blockquotes are toggled on and off by quote button, which means that nested blockquotes cannot be produced with visual editor and have to be done by hand-coding HTML. For most people this is probably not going to make a difference, but I happen to have a use for nested blockquotes, so to me, it’s another turnoff.
  • Media Library is simply not a feature a have any use for.

Downgrading wasn’t completely painless, either. WordPress 2.5 uses the phpass library, so it regenerates a user’s password first time a user logs in after upgrading. Needless to say, it meant that I had to reset administrator password after downgrading…

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