The best wireless router?

A question from Askville:

which wireless router has the best speed

You may find it hard to believe, but it doesn’t matter.

Most modern routers provide either 54 or 108 Mbps.  However, those speeds are only attainable within your local network; as soon as you try to connect to the Internet, the connection speed drops dramatically — the connection between your home/office and your ISP becomes the bottleneck.  So it really doesn’t matter which router you use; the connection to the ISP will drag you down regardless (unless you have some really fancy Internet service, such as a T1 line or a fiber-optic cable).

…I am writing this message on a laptop wirelessly connected to a 54 Mbps gateway; the gateway is in the next room, so the effective connection speed is usually between 18 and 48 Mbps due to the wall dampening the signal.  I just tested the connection between the gateway and the ISP and got 3.4 Mbps for download and 0.5 Mbps for upload…

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