Dani Rodrik’s academic fantasy

Dani Rodrik writes:

I once had a fantasy. I would devote a whole year, perhaps a sabbatical, just to reading and thinking, and would not write anything. I mean really nothing: no papers, no articles, no op-eds, no contributions to collected volumes. I would turn down all invitations to contribute papers to conferences or books by saying “Thank you. but I am just reading and thinking this year, not writing.” The idea was to force a fundamental correction in the balance of trade between what went in my head and what came out.

I really don’t think it works that way, unless you have a total recall. You read a book by A, and you get really intrigued how it resonates with another book written by B twenty years ago on a completely different factual material (and with your own thinking on the subject). If nothing else, it begs a note to self…

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