Removing non-numerical characters from an Excel worksheet

A question from Askville:

I need an excel macro that will delete all the letters and special chctrs from a cell, while leaving the numbers in tact


1-216-564-7894 would become 12165647894
a214d546d7894 would become 2145467894

This sub will remove all characters except numbers from the currently selected cell(s):

Sub RemoveNonNumeric()
    For Each Cell In Selection
        MyText = Cell.Value
        MyNewText = ""
        MyLen = Len(MyText)
        For i = 1 To MyLen
            MyChr = Mid(MyText, i, 1)
            If MyChr Like "[1234567890]" Then
                MyNewText = MyNewText + MyChr
            End If
        Next i
        Cell.Value = MyNewText
    Next Cell
End Sub

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1 thought on “Removing non-numerical characters from an Excel worksheet

  1. Alex

    Thank you for providing a good function. I just added an additional – to the line of signs, to keep numbers like 90459-0127.


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