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Applying case formatting in Excel

A question from Askville: Excel question – is there any way to apply a function in place? A couple of examples – I have a cell that is in lower case and I want it to be upper case. Can … Continue reading

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On real estate and interest rates

A question from Askville: What’s the impact of the Fed’s $500B bailout on real estate and interest rate? Will my mortgage interest rate drop dramatically in the next few months? (Planning to sell and trade up a bigger home for … Continue reading

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Stephen Dubner wonders about reading news

Stephen Dubner writes: Admirim Luboteni, living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, writes with a simple but hard question: Which general news/business sites should one read daily to keep himself well-informed? I will be interested to see how many people suggest aggregators … Continue reading

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Including free-form PHP into WordPress

Update: include_HTML now has its own page.   Every once in a while, there is a need to include free-form PHP (or HTML, or JavaScript) into a WordPress post or page (a recent post on WordPress support forums raised that problem … Continue reading

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