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Excel’s faulty statistics: a bibliography

McCullough, B.D. (2002). Proceedings of the 2001 Joint Statistical Meeting [CD-ROM]: Does Microsoft fix errors in Excel? Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. McCullough, B.D. (1999). Assessing the reliability of statistical software: Part II. The American Statistician, 53(2), 149-159. McCullough, B.D. … Continue reading

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Behavioral finance marches on

Quant. Shop Offers Heady Long/Short Hedge Fund December 17, 2008 | Source: FINalternatives Santa Monica, Calif-based MarketPsy has launched a quantitative hedge fund that incorporates psychology into its trading strategy. So far, the firm’s Long-Short Fund has outperformed its discretionary … Continue reading

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For those in need of geocoding data

There is a publicly available geocoding dataset of all U.S. ZIP codes. The data file was originally released as a part of the 2000 census on the Gazetteer website. The data fields are: ZIP code State (abbreviation) Latitude Longitude City … Continue reading

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To read when time permits

Soviet Defectors by Vladislav Krasnov (Available on Google Books) An excerpt:

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On the causes of World War I

Many times, I’ve tried to put together a brief narrative of the causes of World War I, and I invariably find (after the fact) that I’ve left something out. So here’s the latest (and, one would hope, final) attempt… * … Continue reading

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Nathan Myhrvold in Shanghai

Nathan Myhrvold, the former chief technology officer of Microsoft, now running Intellectual Ventures (which describes itself as “the invention company”), guest-blogs on Freakonomics. Here’s an excerpt: The infrastructure is all new, from the airport to the expressway leading into the … Continue reading

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