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Growth and income

Paul Krugman writes:

Apologists for rising inequality often argue that since most Americans’ income has risen despite rising inequality, there’s no reason to complain about inequality other than envy. So it’s worth remembering that we used to expect economic growth to deliver large increases in real income, not just a bit of a rise that’s accomplished in large part through longer working hours; and that a major reason so many have seen such small gains is that a large part of growth has been siphoned off to the very high end.

Lane Kenworthy had a nice chart illustrating both points, comparing median family income with real GDP per family (for those worried about the fine points, it was nominal GDP divided by the CPI, avoiding some technical issues):

You see the contrast: a doubling of family incomes in the post war generation compared with maybe 20 percent since, and family incomes growing in line with GDP before, lagging far behind since, with the difference basically being the rising share of the 1 percent.

This is real stuff, not some trivial envy-driven concern. But we must be very, very quiet about it, right?

[Doing my best imitation of Hugh Grant] Riiiiight…

The MicroPHP Manifesto

As written by Ed Finkler:

I am a PHP developer

  • I am not a Zend Framework or Symfony or CakePHP developer
  • I think PHP is complicated enough

I like building small things

  • I like building small things with simple purposes
  • I like to make things that solve problems
  • I like building small things that work together to solve larger problems

I want less code, not more

  • I want to write less code, not more
  • I want to manage less code, not more
  • I want to support less code, not more
  • I need to justify every piece of code I add to a project

I like simple, readable code

  • I want to write code that is easily understood
  • I want code that is easily verifiable

Nicely put…