Bookworm is a WordPress plugin that can be used to organize WordPress Pages into “books” (the concept, of course, is borrowed from Drupal).  A Bookworm “book” consists of a table of contents and chapter pages.  All chapter pages must reference the table of contents as their parent.  The chapter pages must be created in the order they are to appear in the book (future versions may offer a way around it).


(Versions listed most recent first)


  1. Download and unzip the appropriate version file.
  2. Create a bookworm directory on your WordPress server under wp-content/plugins.
  3. Put bookworm.php into that directory.
  4. Activate the plugin using WordPress’ administrative interface.


[bookworm_list_pages] will output a list of pages listing the current page as their parent (which can be used to produce a table of contents).  Note that in this early version, pages can be listed only in order of their ID (which, conveniently, is also the order in which they were created).

[bookworm_flip_pages] will output hyperlinks to previous page, table of contents (which is assumed to be on the parent page), and next page.

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